Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

We offer monthly memberships for anyone age 10 and up. The cost does not change with duration of purchased membership. We have a system in place that will allow you to sign up and pay for any duration you would like. However, should you decide to leave the gym in a particular month, let’s say January, you will be charged for January in full, but will be able to omit any of the following months that you do not plan on using. Here are the costs:

Ages 10-17 inclusive: $25/month

Ages 18-40 inclusive: $35/month

Ages 40 and up: $30/month

* Students receive $5 off the listed prices!

Are the workouts fun?

We like to think so. We have heard great feedback from many of our members about how much they enjoy training at our gym. However, we completely understand that peoples’ preferences can change, and there are always ways for us to improve. Therefore, we take members’ feedback very seriously and try to cater our services to you.

One thing to keep in mind is that “fun” doesn’t necessarily mean “easy”. Our training regimes tend to be challenging, but are designed in a way that will push you to your limits in a safe and effective manner. You will neever be “thrown into” something that you are uncomfortable with, but you will work up a sweat quickly!

When Are We Open?

Mon-Sat: 6am-10pm

Sun: 8am-10pm

Do We Provide Equipment?

We have a small selection of communal equipment available. These are meant for those who are just starting out, as there is a better chance these individuals won’t know what they need to purchase on their own yet. We highly recommend that after a few sessions you start bringing your own gear, which will also help ensure proper safety and cleanliness.

Are There Any Female Trainers?

Yes, we consider anyone with the proper qualifications equally regardless of gender or sex. Generally speaking, there are more men who work at the gym, but it’s probably about a 65/35 split. We promote a comfortable and safe workout environment that does NOT tolerate any sort of sexual harassment.

We do offer classes that are geared towards self-defense, particularly on the street, in which case these classes are usually around 80% women. On occasion, we will have guest speakers or trainers visiting form out of town, and in the past some of these visitors have expertise in niche fields such as women’s fitness. On occasions like this we will give priority to females who want to attend the class




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