If you’re not taking protein powder, you’re making a big mistake

In general, whenever you are short on any nutrient due to time restrictions or any other reason, it is always a good thing to supplement it some other way.  In the case of workout or fitness, you will usually need to build stronger muscles.  This requires a higher demand for proteins.  Many times, your body is not capable of producing enough proteins to supply your body´s demand.

This is when protein powder comes in.  It supplies the extra nutrient that your new lifestyle is asking for.   If you are engaged in any sport or fitness activity but not taking protein powder, we believe you are making a big mistake.  Protein powders are not drugs and neither they have side effects on your body.  Of course, just like with any other nutrient found in food, you should not take it in excess.

If you are planning on building more muscle, the amount of food you presently eat does not supply enough proteins for you to do so.  Remember that food supplies other nutrients as well and proteins are not at the top of the list.

The following are only some of the reasons why you are making a big mistake if you are not taking protein powder:

You will get tired easily

If you are a beginner and starting to work out, you will find out that you get tired easily.  This is because your body is trying to replenish the more need of protein into your muscles.  If you try to work out intensively without a better protein supplement, your body will demand more of it.

You will have the opposite effect

If your body is naturally demanding more protein from you, the only way your body has to signal that to you is through hunger.  You will notice that you will get hungrier than usual.  This is actually a good thing, except that food will also provide other nutrients that might have a counter effect on your goal of getting leaner and not fatter.  Besides this, if you are targeting a specific fitness need, you have specific nutrient requirements. Food alone will not be able to provide it in such specificity.   In conclusion, you will gain fat and not muscle.

If you are going vegan

Goin vegan and doing strenuous workout are usually not a great combination.  Vegetables alone cannot provide the amount of protein your body is demanding.   Again, this will cause you to be hungrier; a desire that you will satisfy with eating more vegan food.   Many vegetables contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which even though they are at the bottom of the food pyramid, other nutrients must be ingested.

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