Playing The Right Music In Your Gym To Motivate

To this point in our history and lives, we are probably well aware of the effect that music can have in our emotions. It has the power of stirring us up or bringing us down.  A bar, for instance, will usually play music that brings about certain feelings of sadness, loneliness, and depression.  This keeps clients asking for more drinks.  You could even say that some subliminal message might be slipped in.

But when it comes to playing the right music at the gym. the choices are vast and there is no need to tap into the subliminal at all.   According to experts, the right type of music being played at a gym can increase endurance by 15%.  Others agree on that there is not really a generic type of music that will cause the same effects on motivation since each person is unique.    Basically, what works for you might not work for others.  This seems to make sense since we do have different musical tastes after all.

However, we can make an attempt to mention what are the effects of certain type of music on motivation and workout and what type of music is best for what type of workout.

Music with repetitive rhythm

For those who are working out their strength (weightlifting, etc.), these type of rhythms with music at 130 beats per minute are said to keep high-intensity.  Rock music is usually a good choice, but on songs that have the aforementioned rhythm beat.  You could also try some loud beat pop music as well.

Soothing music

This genre is usually best for balancing exercises.  Best beats here are around 90-120 per minute.  If there are minimal or no vocals it is even better.  You can try some soul, indie rock, blues, R&B, and soft rock here to create a soothing atmosphere.   It is funny to think that this specific type of music can help during swimming too.  It is great because it helps clear distractions at the pool and have better concentration.  If you are blasting 90 beats per minute at the pool,  make sure to keep it that way.

Upbeat Pop Music

This type fo rhythm usually goes at more than 130 beats  per second.  It is very energetic music, ideal for pumping up those endurance workouts.  Bring here some hard rock, techno, and upbeat pop music to set the tone for endurance exercises.   This kind of music can also prove ideal for cardio.

As expressed before, different types of music may produce different types of response to them.  Find what best suits you at a determined moment of your training.