Tips for Using a Foam Roller

One first thing that you should consider when using a foam roller for the first time is to take it slow and not force your body.  Start with the easiest and less-demanding techniques.  More and more sportsmen and fitness trainers are moving into using a foam roller to recover from knotted muscles or simply to keep muscles worked out and loose.  The purpose of a foam roller is to loosen up the trigger points that contain knots. Here are some useful tips you could put into practice to more effectively use a foam roller:

Work out the muscles that usually bring more pain

As a boxer or MMA fighter, you know that your legs usually take most of the work due to your own body weight.  It is then recommended for you to start on the muscles of your leg.  You can start with a very simple rolling on your calves.  Sit on the floor and place one calf over the roller while placing your other leg on top.  Lift your upper body with your hands and move back and forth slowly.  You can do this same exercise placing your whole body sideways.  Next, you can move on to your IT muscles, the hip flexors, the quads, and the gluteus.  The idea is to place all of your weight over the roller.

Roll over your back

One exercise that you will actually find relaxing is rolling over your back.  The upper back muscles are very important in this line of exercise and rolling them is actually pretty good.  Just hug yourself and place your back over the foam roller.  Rock back and forth on your back and enjoy a great workout time.

It is ok to stop if it is too painful

When it comes to foam rolling, “no pain no gain” is not necessarily true, especially if you are a beginner.  If you feel it hurts too much, you might want to loosen up on the weight a little bit.  If it hurts too much you can actually have an unwanted result.

Locate sore spots

Find them and work them out. You will usually need to rock it a little longer on these spots.  The idea of the foam roller is to actually get rid of the excess fascia in your muscles.  In order to do this, you must add a little pressure on these trigger points.

Use it regularly

You know that constant workout guarantees you staying in shape and always up to challenges.  It is the same with the foam roller.  Add it to your regular exercising routine. This will keep your muscles loose and ready for action.

Find a foam roller that best adapts to your needs

There are many types of foam rollers and it is important that you find the one the best fits your present needs.  To accomplish this, follow the advice of an expert trainer and get the best foam roller.  To get the highest quality foam roller that better ensures a successful work, click here.