Boxing: Avoid Injuries through the Help of a Personal Trainer

gattimayweather-e1330016094937I know it is ironic to say that you can’t have any injury during boxing since it is a contact sport.  And players are at high risk of sustaining cuts, bruises, fractures and the like. The possibilities are even much higher during intensive trainings, where you test your abilities to their limit to gauge whether you are ready for a match or not. However, you can avoid it.

Serious or fatal injuries often occur due to carelessness and ignorance. This does not only happen in boxing, but also in any other sports.  The thing is, there are certain ways you can “avoid” these injuries. You can take the necessary precautions or if you want to be sure about staying safe, avoiding injuries and making the most out of your trainings all at the same time – the best thing you can do is hire a personal trainer!

When hiring a personal trainer, there are a lot you have to consider. More than having a good physical physique, a trainer should have a broad professional experience and substantial qualifications. A brief background check wouldn’t hurt. He must have at least a good foundation of how the human body works. A degree relating to such is good enough. The trainer must be knowledgeable not only about how to help you build your muscles in a healthy way and train you to be a better boxer, but one must also know how to assist you avoid getting severe or serious injuries during your trainings and matches. Hiring a personal trainer can be a little tricky and choosing one can be overwhelming, bear in mind that an ideal personal trainer should not only help you physically, but also helps you with your total well being.

Now, going back on how a trainer can help you avoid sustaining injuries in boxing, as previously mentioned, a personal trainer must have a good foundation on how the human body functions biologically, through this, he or she will be able to determine ways on how to avoid injuries. Talking to some of the professional trainers I know, here are what they have to say regarding the matter…

  • Achieve Total Body Fitness

Having a healthy physique doesn’t only let you look good. It is your number one defense in minimizing injuries. Endurance and stamina help you withstand the physical stress during trainings and matches. You’ll be able to think clearly and strategically, and be able to avoid punches, kicks and the like – utmost self defense is very essential in avoiding injuries.

  • Effective Diet Goes a long Way

It is a general fact that food gives us energy. Thus, the right diet gives you the vitality and helps your body heal faster. A boxer’s diet should be high in protein and calcium to give the bones and muscles the aptitude needed for the sport. In addition, having fruits and vegetables helps the body’s cells rejuvenate and renew at a faster. One thing more, drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated at all times, which is very vital in the maintaining biological functions.

  • Take a Break and Rest

Although having an intensive training helps you become a better boxer, having adequate rest is more vital. You may have experience having sharp pain during trainings and matches, it is your body telling you that there is something wrong, and that you need to stop and take a break. Go easy on your body, listen to it. Take a break and have an adequate rest. During these times your muscles will be able to recuperate and recover from any injuries.

  • Wear the Proper Protective Gear at All Times

I hope you are aware that protective gears are manufactured to prevent you from having injuries. So, whether it is light or intensive sparring, always wear your protective gears.


These are only some of the ways to can avoid sustaining injuries. There is a lot more, hire a personal trainer to be sure about everything. Hone your skills, especially your defense. Build a healthy habit and always think clear. Boxing is an exhilarating sport, but you also have to be careful at all times.