What to Expect from a Boxing Workout

Boxing Workouts


Most of those who participate in our boxing workouts have little or no previous experience with the sport of boxing. Naturally, many don’t know what to expect, and often times they may not join out of uncertainty, intimidation, or other reasons that can be resolved with some simple information.

At SFTS, we have two main streams for those who want to participate in the boxing workouts: The recreational stream and the competitive stream. We do offer a combination of both, but only after you have participated enough to feel comfortable and you and the trainers can identify specific strengths and areas of improvement for your game.

Recreational Stream

The recreational stream is most popular by numbers. Generally speaking, this is a very similar workout to what the competitive boxers do, but we eliminate the sparring component and focus a little more on fitness rather than fine-tuning technique (we do teach proper technique, but won’t waste your time).

If you want to try this type of workout for a few sessions before committing, we totally understand, especially if you are concerned about wasting money by purchasing your own equipment. Therefore, we suggest using the communal equipment until you have a better sense of your commitment level and what you may prefer in a pair of boxing gloves. Then, once you know what to expect, we suggest purchasing your own pair of boxing gloves. Additionally, some find it handy to purchase there own pieces of workout equipment and bring it with them if it is convenient enough (for both the club and the member). For example, some people bring their own jump ropes or foam rollers, but keep in mind we do have many of each of these available for use.

Competitive Stream

This stream is for those who are interested in boxing competitively. Unless you are transferring from another club, you must reach particular achievements in the recreational stream before you can move on to the competitive stream. These are individually assigned by a trainer during one of your recreational boxing training sessions. Please keep in mind, the competitive stream is a much greater time commitment. We are happy to discuss specifics in person at any time!

Structure of Workout

On the whole, the structure of the workout is similar to circuit training. The workouts typically do NOT incorporate lifting of heavy weights, but instead focus primarily on your own body weight. All muscle groups are targeted during the workout, and it’s surprising at just how exhausting it is.

This could be an example of someone’s workout who is at the recreational level, but has become rather proficient:

Warm-up (3 rounds skipping, light workouts on mat, total about 20 minutes)

3 rounds of shadow boxing

3 rounds on the heavy bag

3 rounds on the double-ended reflex bag

3 rounds on the speed bag

* Either one-on-one work on the focus mitts with a trainer, footwork exercises, or something else involving movement within the boxing ring, will be performed at some point during the workout.

*Initial sessions focus more on technique until you are comfortable with it.

Cool down and stretching

How hard is it, and is it fun?

The workout is definitely challenging. In fact, for the very first session, we usually find the warm-up is a solid workout on its own and a great introduction. It will take your body a few sessions to become used to this sort of workout, but if you stick with it, even for five sessions, you will begin to see improvements to your fitness and your boxing skill level.

This does not mean it will ever become an “easy” workout, and that wouldn’t be the point anyway. We will always attempt to push you to your limits, but will never try to push you beyond them. We find the best results long term come when there is an optimal balance between enjoyment and challenge.

Additionally, the workout isn’t purely individual. You may find a lot of workouts are great to do in a group, or you may just prefer to do it on your own. Often times we will teach technique to two or three people at the same time, and this is a great way to point out common mistakes and help many people improve at once. At the end of the day, although it is a fun and comfortable atmosphere, you will definitely get a workout in!